Digital Story Telling Toolkit

This is the Digital Storytelling toolkit

The Digital Storytelling Toolkit has been designed to help young people have better conversations around mental health.

Thinking nobody else feels the same way you do can be a suffocating experience.

Using insights we gained during a series of six storytelling workshops with students ages 13-16, we have developed this resource to help you talk about mental health and wellbeing in smaller groups.

When done mindfully, discussing the provided materials and prompts in groups can help you improve your sense of connection and belonging, as well as your self-awareness.

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The toolkit

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About this project


How did this project come about?

The Digital Storytelling Toolkit came to be as a result of a collaboration between the Storytelling Academy at Loughborough University and the Mental Health Foundation. This toolkit is supported by the Solis Project.

Thanks & credits

This project could not have been possible without and the support of the Mental Health Foundation and their partner schools, with special thanks to:


Our workshop facilitators: Ngozi Oparah, Sarah Gordon, Dr Antonia Liguori, Orsi Haboczki, Sally Bellman and Nat Werkheiser.


Our design team: Sarah Gordon (website design and build) and Orsi (website copy and downloads).


Image credits:
The Little Things by Susana Salas and Isometric Stickers by Mariana Gonzalez Vega

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Digital Storytelling Toolkit

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