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Week two

Connection & Self-Compassion

When thinking about connection, we tend to think about our relationships with oher people, but how about considering our connection to ourselves?

Food for thought

Self-love is talked about more and more recently, and while it’s certainly dsirable, we might sometimes forget that it’s really quite hard to love someone without getting to know them first.


In a world where we’re bombarded by a barrage of impulses every day, it’s easy to get caught up in what people are doing around us or what’s happening online, and in turn to forget to listen to our own needs and wants.


You’re the only person who’s there with you every moment of your life, so it would make sense to try to better understand who you are.


Getting to know yourself is not a one-time task — in fact, when done well, it’s a process that lasts all your life.


The better you understand how you work, the easier it becomes to show compassion towards yourself.


4️⃣👍🏽 - Validating Your Experience ↴

Think of an area of your life where you are experiencing some difficulty at this moment — then, watch the video and see if you can walk through this process with your identified difficulty.

Which emotions come up as you walk through each step?


Maybe share the feelings with your group — you don’t have to share the difficulty if you don’t want to.

5️⃣☕ - Recharge Remedies ↴

Watch this video of Olivia talking about their experience of learning self-compassion.


Then, as you go on with your week, try to notice any times you label and judge yourself in situations.

What would you say to a close friend or loved one who did the same thing?


Can you try showing the same compassion toward yourself?

6️⃣👀 - Noticing Judgments ↴

What do you like to do that makes you feel connected to yourself?

Is there something you enjoy doing alone that makes you feel recharged and more in tune with yourself?

Try making time for one of these things this week!

Share your Recharge Remedies with your group — they might inspire others to try these things, as well!

Ready for the next week?


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