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Week one

Courage & Confidence

There is a reason that courage and confidence are grouped together: they are very closely related. But which came first? And is it possible to have one without the other?

Food for thought

The below article discusses self-esteem, and where courage and confidence come into the picture.

This 5 minute read could give you a better idea of how you might use one to build the other, and why ‘be confident’ might not be the best encouragement.

If you’ve read the article, you’ll get a sense of how underrated courage is — in the face of uncertainty and fears, it is hard to act confidently; you might only be able to act with courage. Ultimately, it comes to braving that leap of faith, but are there ways to summon up the courage to do something daunting?

How about considering not only the worst possible outcome if you do the feared thing, but what would happen if you didn’t do anything at all? The following article offers further ways of approaching courage from a broader perspective.


Can you recall three times in the past when you did or said something that took courage?


What helped you act with courage? Was it in a familiar environment

or a new setting?


How did you feel afterwards — maybe there are some bodily sensations you can recall, such as a shaky voice or clammy hands?


How does it make you feel now to think about these times?


You might also like to share one of these occasions with your group!

What makes you feel confident?

Is it dancing in your bedroom, powerwalking through town or nailing a new recipe on the first try?


Whatever it may be, music can help you get in the zone.


Make a playlist with songs that make you feel confident.


You’re also invited to share this with your group, if you want!

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

What would give you your strength and courage to do all the good that you do in the world?

Ready for the next week?


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