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Week four


There is a reason that courage and confidence are grouped together: they are very closely related. But which came first? And is it possible to have one without the other?

Food for thought

Have a think about the following prompts on your own and share with your group the insights you find interesting.



Which prompt did you enjoy most over the past weeks?


What did you learn from the groups’ sharings in this process? Have the past three weeks changed your outlook or opinion on something?


What is one thing you will do differently in the future as a result of this experience?


Did the exercises and prompt that you’ve engaged with spark an interest in you to do more similar things in the future? Do you have ideas for what you’d like to explore more?
Bonus week

In case you're interested in looking at how you might combine your reflections about mental health with your creativity, we have great news for you.

Visit the bonus content all about combining storytelling with mental health!


Digital Storytelling Toolkit

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